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PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training is a well-structured weekend training that exposes candidates to the integration of the control characteristics of PRINCE2 methodology with the flexibility and responsiveness of the agile concept as published by AXELOS in Jun 2015.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training is designed to teach and guide candidates to enable them demonstrate the application and tailoring of PRINCE2 Agile in a scenario situation.

A higher number of organizations in the city of Manchester and UK at large call for better and more improved way of managing projects hence, the need for PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

However, PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training is an interactive classroom session for easy understanding of PRINCE2 Agile. This training is conducted by a certified trainer with both industry and classroom experience, and in a very conducive learning environment that is accessible to all candidates.

Furthermore, the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training syllabus is certified by APMG International on behalf of AXELOS Limited.

Please check “PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training Schedule” below for more information and booking.

Key Features

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester  Course content Accredited by APMG

  Industry Lowest Price

  World-class Instructors

  Pre-course & PRINCE2 Manual

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester  3 Days Intensive Classroom Training

  Certification Exams Included

  High Quality e-learning Contents

  Practice Questions & Workbook

PRINCE2 Agile Training  Thousands Certified Through Us

  Real-life Examples & Case studies

  After Training Support Available

  Very High Success Rate

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training – City and Venue

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan borough and major city in the northwest of England, richly blessed with industrial inheritance and estimated as the second most populated urban area. The 18th-century canal system (Castlefield conservation area) evokes the city’s great textile trade history.

Manchester is known for its great economic activities and its civic leadership has a reputation for business acumen. The city owns one of the country’s busiest airports and uses its earnings to fund local projects.

Manchester is equally well known as a sport city hence gave its name to two (2) Premier League football clubs, namely – Manchester United and Manchester City.

In Greater Manchester, there are around 496,200 of which 17,500 are international students Manchester’s Higher Education Institutions is one of the largest student population in Europe. Manchester has around 496,200 student and universities with above 350,000 students.  ”The University of Manchester” is ranked as one of UK’s top universities and globally in the top 100.

Manchester Grammar School, established in 1515 is also one of the most notable secondary schools in Manchester. Well over 50 work base education providers provide qualified training and education for over 70,000 young people and professionals across the city.

PRINCE2 Training in Manchester Venue

Training Venue

Address: Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly | Manchester | M1 2AP | United Kingdom

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training Details

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Weekend 31/03/2017 2 Days £990.00 VIEW LOCATION BUY NOW
PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Weekend 30/06/2017 2 Days £990.00 VIEW LOCATION BUY NOW
PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Weekend 29/09/2017 2 Days £990.00 VIEW LOCATION BUY NOW
PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Weekend 09/12/2017 2 Days £990.00 VIEW LOCATION BUY NOW

Where to Locate Us

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PRINCE2 Agile Manchester


PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Water dispenser


PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Public iCafé computers

Disabled access

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Parking nearby

Bus/Metro Station

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester


1. Cross over towards Piccadilly Gardens (grassed area)
2. Walk passed Barburrito, and Pizza Express on your right hand side.
3. Walk Walk towards the Duke of Wellington statue and cross over the road, with your back to the statue, towards Piccadilly
4. Piccadilly House is straight in front of you

Train Station

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester


1. Leave the rear entrance of Piccadilly Train Station walking down Station Approach
2. Cross the pedestrian crossing at Ducie Street onto Piccadilly
3. Pass the Abode Hotel on your right
4. You will see Max Spielmann on the corner in front of you at Newton Street. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing towards Max Spielman’s.
5. Walk past Subway and other shops on your right until you come to Piccadilly House on your right.
6. Take the stairs up and press the intercom for assistance


Driving from Manchester City Centre


Nearby Parking

SAT-NAV Postcode: M1 3AY
1. Piccadilly House is close to many public car parks, the nearest being The Grand, NCP car park on Chatham Street.
2. Enter Postcode M1 3AY into your sat navigation device which will take you straight to the car park.
3. Exit the car park at the Piccadilly exit
4. Turn left out of the door, walk past Tesco and Costa Coffee on your left
5. Cross the road at the lights towards Max Spielmann and turn left
6. Walk past Subway, and other shops on your right until you come to Piccadilly House on your right
7. Take the steps and press the intercom for assistance






Introduction to PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

“Prince2-Training” offers an intensive and very interactive 3 days classroom PRINCE2 Agile weekend training in the city of Manchester.

Enroll in this course and gain in-depth knowledge, skills and application of this globally-recognized project management methodology. We are fully accredited by APMG International on behalf of Axelos Limited.

Objectives of PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

The objective of PRINCE2 Agile is to demonstrate the application and tailoring of PRINCE2 Agile in a scenario situation.

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About PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training is a well-packaged classroom-based PRINCE2 Agile weekend training in the city of Manchester, designed to teach candidates how to apply and tailor PRINCE2 Agile to a scenario situation.

Furthermore, the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training which lasts for three (3) days is aimed at providing candidates with the following abilities:

Managing time and meeting deadlines.

Protection of the quality level.

 Adoption and adaptation to change.

Ensuring the stability of the project teams.

 Managing the stakeholder expectation thereby making them realize they don’t need everything.

Learn more about PRINCE2 Agile »

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training Syllabus

The nature of the PRINCE2 Agile certification is well represented in the syllabus.

PRINCE2 Agile syllabus is as stipulated by AXELOS, and as follows:

 Key learning points.

PRINCE2 Agile introduction.

An overview of Agile.

The rationale for blending PRINCE2 and Agile.

The PRINCE2 journey when using agile.

Agile and the PRINCE2 principles.

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Prerequisite for PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

Prospective candidates will only qualify for this certification if they have successfully passed any of the following:

PRINCE2 Foundation.

Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®.

IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director).

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Target Audience for PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

The PRINCE2 Agile certification target audience includes:

Individuals with governance responsibilities for projects using agile delivery approaches.

Anyone handling programme and project support functions.

Professionals within IT Project environment.

Staff with the role of integrating project management.

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PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training Exam Format

The PRINCE2 Agile examination format is highlighted below:

This PRINCE2 examination format is as follows:

Objective testing.

 50 questions, each worth one mark.

Two-and-a-half hours (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time.

Open book exam (official PRINCE2 Agile guide only).

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Becoming PRINCE2 Agile Certified

One of the best things to do as a Project Manager, is to become PRINCE2 certified.

To become PRINCE2 Agile certified, all you need to do is outlined accordingly below:

 Get PRINCE2 materials/ Textbooks.

This is to enable you start familiarizing yourself with the course and what it entails. You should read through the objectives, so as to know your expectation at the end of the course. Also familiarize yourself with the concepts, processes and methodologies.

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What You’ll Get in PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training

The question “what will i get” is common among candidates , but no need to worry as  you will be given the following:


 The original Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 course manual.

 Access to our award winning PRINCE2 e-learning on our online learning portal where you can study at your pace and time.

 Work book, questions and suggested pages to read and mark up in the official PRINCE2 text book.

 On-line access to a trainer for all PRINCE2 related questions.

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download-button PRINCE2 Exam Sample Paper

Download Exam Sample Paper

download-button Prince2 Syllabus

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We are one of the leading accredited training organizations (ATO) in the UK and beyond. Fully accredited by APMG International with registration number 10251393, our professionalism has been proven over the years. So many of our past students still thanking us for a job well done.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We have certified PRINCE2 trainers with over 14 years of experience. Our trainers have practical experience in both training and industry practice and they are just perfect to equip you for your certifications.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

All our courses are fully accredited by APMG, the licensed examination Institute for PRINCE2 qualifications by AXELOS

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

All the materials we use for our training are of high quality and in sync with the APMG and AXELOS standards. We intentionally ensure quality to make our students have a great learning experience.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We prepare our students by organizing quick in-training quizzes at the end of each chapter and solutions discussed to further explain those areas the candidates found difficult. This is to familiarize them with what they will meet in the exams.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We are available in all cities of the UK. We can also organize onsite training for your organization.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We define success as we being able to meet your needs satisfactorily. We ensure you get the worth of your money, time and more.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Our training is conducted in a very conducive and learning friendly classroom across the cities of the UK. Our trainers make learning fun and worthwhile.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We only allow a certain number of students for each course to encourage better understanding.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Our prices are very affordable and it accommodates everyone regardless of the size of their income. We are about the most affordable training institute in the UK.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

To ensure you are adequately prepared, we organize practice questions and exams for all our students. We organize the questions using our understanding of how the main exams had been over the years.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

Once you register for our classroom training, we grant you online access to our eLearning contents through our eLearning portal to enable you prepare well.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We help you make the whole process enjoyable. We will also assist you with the exam application process, to ensure you do not make any error or encounter any difficulty during the application process.
You can click here to see what our past students have to say about us

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We understand that certain individuals might be too busy to attend classes during the week, If you are one of such, we got you covered. We organize qualitative weekend classes for those who prefer weekend classes.

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester

We offer free career advice to our students to ensure they know the best career path they can choose with their certifications.

Our Trainers

Deji Ariyo

Lead Trainer

Qualifications: B.Sc, MBA [Cranfield], PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL Expert, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, P3O, MoV, PPS, PMD Pro, Certified Facilitator, Six Sigma Certified).

Work Experience: Deji is a result-driven Project Director with over 17 years of delivering value to organizations such as: Murray international Group, BskyB, Vodafone, Charteris Plc, CDA Solutions, ChevronTexaco, Gateway Bank and UACN

He is also an international coach, mentor, consultant and trainer in Change Management, who has driven the skills and expertise in PPM (Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk and Value Management) and ITSM (IT Service Management and Governance) for over 15 years.

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What is the cost of the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training?

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training is very affordable. You can click on this link to view our prices.

Is your PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training accredited?

Yes, our PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training is accredited by APMG International on behalf of Axelos Limited.

Who is the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training target audience?

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training is targeted at project managers who have passed the PRINCE2 Foundation examination, PMP certificate holders, CAPM certificate holders etc. Click here to see more.

What does the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training teach?

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training educates candidate on the incorporation of the flexible and responsive nature of agile and the control feature of PRINCE2, as well as how to apply and tailor them to scenario situations.

Do you guarantee I will get a manual after registering for PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training?

Yes, we will provide you with an up-to-date soft copy manual as approved by APMG. However, if you register for just the PRINCE2 Agile exam, you will not get a manual from us.

Why should i choose your PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training?

We are a world-class training institute with 99% success record.  Our learning centres and study materials are sought after world over. Our trainers are qualified and make learning fun and worthwhile.

What are the prerequisites for taking the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training and exam?

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training and exam can be taken if you hold any of the following: PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Practitioner, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management  (CAPM), and IMPA Levels A,B,C and D (Certified Projects Director).

This is supposed to run till the end of 2017

How long does this PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training and exam take?

The PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training takes three (3) days and the exam is written on the last day.

Who conducts the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training?

PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training is conducted by one of our certified professionals with over 14 years of both industry and classroom experience.

What time does the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training start and finish each day?

The training starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 5:00 pm. This varies depending on your engagement and the length of coffee breaks.

How can I register for the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training?

To register for our PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training, check the training schedule to choose date most suitable for you and then click the book now button to continue.

Do you organize PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training classes remotely for organizations?

Yes, we can. Please, request for a custom quote here and we will contact you.

Can I pay for your PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training and exam online?

 Yes, you can pay for all our PRINCE2 courses online through PayPal or using credit card

Is PRINCE2 Agile exam included in this PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training?

Yes, PRINCE2 Agile exam is included in all our classroom PRINCE2 Agile Training.

Where does the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training take place?

We are glad you want to train with us. Please click here to view the address.

What is the assurance that I will pass the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training examination?

With our years of experience, we assure you that if you do all your trainer asks you to do throughout the training session, you will pass your PRINCE2 Agile certification exam.

When and how do I get my certificate after the PRINCE2 Agile Manchester training and examination?

The softcopy of your certificate will be sent to you, approximately one week after your exams.

How do I contact you to know more about PRINCE2 Agile Manchester Training and exam?

We can be contacted through the enquiry form on the right sidebar.

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