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PRINCE2 Course Training

PRINCE2 Course Training

PRINCE2 Course

Studying for PRINCE2 course qualification has never been made easier with our well designed and structured PRINCE2 course training and exam.

Our vision is to get individuals PRINCE2 certified and Organisations to adopt PRINCE2 methodology. In pursuit of our vision, our PRINCE2 course training and exam is available in every city of the UK, to enable convenience for our clients anywhere in the UK.

All our PRINCE2 courses and exams are fully accredited by APMG, the licensed examination institute for PRINCE2 qualifications by AXELOS.

We have made it simple for you to prepare and sit for your PRINCE2 qualifications with our PRINCE2 course and  exam by choosing your preferred location and date from our training schedule.

PRINCE2 Foundation Course

As the name implies “PRINCE2 Foundation” this is aimed at exposing the candidate to the basics of PRINCE2 project management concepts and methodologies.

For only £500.00

PRINCE2 Course Training  CLASSROOM

PRINCE2 Practitioner Course

PRINCE2 Practitioner prepares and enhances one’s ability to apply PRINCE2 principles in a specific project context, in other words, it puts the knowledge of PRINCE2 in practice

For only £550.00

PRINCE2 Course Training  CLASSROOM

PRINCE2 Found. & Pract. Course

This combines PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner courses together in one package. It teaches PRINCE2 methodology and how to effectively apply it to project management.

For only £799.99

PRINCE2 Course Training  CLASSROOM

PRINCE2 Re-Registration Course

The PRINCE2 Re-registration course helps candidate to update their knowledge of PRINCE2 with respect to certain modifications in the PRINCE2 methodology.

For only £550.00

PRINCE2 Course Training  CLASSROOM

PRINCE2 Agile Course

PRINCE2 Agile is a project management solution that combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with PRINCE2 framework.

For only £990.00

PRINCE2 Course Training  CLASSROOM


PRINCE2 Course Details

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Introduction to PRINCE2 Course

“Prince2-Training” offers an intensive and very interactive classroom PRINCE2 course training in the UK. Our vision is to get individuals PRINCE2 certified and Organisations to adopt PRINCE2 methodology.

Enroll in this course and gain in-depth knowledge, skills and application of this globally-recognized project management methodology. We are fully accredited by APMG International on behalf of Axelos Limited.

Objectives of PRINCE2 Course

PRINCE2 course objectives are as important as the existence of PRINCE2 certification itself. The objectives are numerous and it is important that every candidate taking the training or anyone aspiring to take them is aware of what the course has to over.

The objectives of PRINCE2 course cannot be spelled out in a sweep. Every day, professionals find out more and more PRINCE2 objectives as they apply the principles and methodology of PRINCE2 for the implementation of various projects.

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About PRINCE2 Course

PRINCE2 stands for ‘PRoject IN Controlled Environment’. In 1989, PRINCE2 was established by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) which was renamed in a civil service competition as Projects in Controlled Environment, and in 1996, it was released as an accepted project management method.

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PRINCE2 Course Syllabus

The PRINCE2 course syllabus is as important as the certification itself. Intending candidate wants to know what the course outline looks like and what it is the PRINCE2 syllabus has to offer. The PRINCE2 course syllabus is classified according to the different certifications it has to offer and they are outlined below:

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Prerequisite for PRINCE2 Course

One of the frequently asked questions about PRINCE2 course is the eligibility criteria for taking any of the qualifications. PRINCE2 prerequisites/eligibility is not grievous. The great thing about PRINCE2 course is the fact that it is not exclusive to anyone.

The PRINCE2 course eligibility is stated according to the different certifications. Hence, the eligibility criteria are as follows:

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PRINCE2 Course Target Audience

Who can take PRINCE2 courses and get certified? This is one of the first questions frequently asked after being introduced to PRINCE2 course. The target audience for PRINCE2 course is not far-fetched, it is you, yes you. At one stage or the other we all carryout projects, either for our organizations or in our daily activities.

PRINCE2 target audience also cuts across the various certifications it offers as stated below:

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Exam Format for PRINCE2 Course

If you are already a candidate or a prospective, PRINCE2 exam format is nothing for you to worry about. Candidates can easily understand the PRINCE2 exam format.

The candidate’s success is guaranteed because of the examination format of PRINCE2 course.

The design of the PRINCE2 exam format cuts across the various PRINCE2 certifications. Although AXELOS, the exam governing body has made some 2017 update, it will not take effect till mid-year.

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Becoming PRINCE2 Certified

If you are asking how to become PRINCE2 certified, I assume you are ready to take up the PRINCE2 course training. Big congratulations to you as this will be a decision you will never regret.

To become PRINCE2 certified, all you need to do is outlined accordingly below:

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What You’ll Get in PRINCE2 Course Training

The question “what will i get” is common among candidates of PRINCE2 course, but no need to worry as  you will be given the following:


 The original Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 course manual.

 Access to our award winning PRINCE2 e-learning on our online learning portal where you can study at your pace and time.

 Work book, questions and suggested pages to read and mark up in the official PRINCE2 text book.

 On-line access to a trainer for all PRINCE2 related questions.

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download-button PRINCE2 Exam Sample Paper

Download Exam Sample Paper

download-button Prince2 Syllabus

We are one of the leading accredited training organizations (ATO) in the UK and beyond. Fully accredited by APMG International with registration number 10251393, our professionalism has been proven over the years. So many of our past students still thanking us for a job well done.

We have certified PRINCE2 trainers with over 14 years of experience. Our trainers have practical experience in both training and industry practice and they are just perfect to equip you for your certifications.

All our courses are fully accredited by APMG, the licensed examination Institute for PRINCE2 qualifications by AXELOS

All the materials we use for our training are of high quality and in sync with the APMG and AXELOS standards. We intentionally ensure quality to make our students have a great learning experience.

We prepare our students by organizing quick in-training quizzes at the end of each chapter and solutions discussed to further explain those areas the candidates found difficult. This is to familiarize them with what they will meet in the exams.

We are available in all cities of the UK. We can also organize onsite training for your organization.

We define success as we being able to meet your needs satisfactorily. We ensure you get the worth of your money, time and more.

Our training is conducted in a very conducive and learning friendly classroom across the cities of the UK. Our trainers make learning fun and worthwhile.

We only allow a certain number of students for each course to encourage better understanding.

Our prices are very affordable and it accommodates everyone regardless of the size of their income. We are about the most affordable training institute in the UK.

To ensure you are adequately prepared, we organize practice questions and exams for all our students. We organize the questions using our understanding of how the main exams had been over the years.

Once you register for our classroom training, we grant you online access to our eLearning contents through our eLearning portal to enable you prepare well.

We help you make the whole process enjoyable. We will also assist you with the exam application process, to ensure you do not make any error or encounter any difficulty during the application process.
You can click here to see what our past students have to say about us

We understand that certain individuals might be too busy to attend classes during the week, If you are one of such, we got you covered. We organize qualitative weekend classes for those who prefer weekend classes.

We offer free career advice to our students to ensure they know the best career path they can choose with their certifications.

Our Trainers

Deji Ariyo

Lead Trainer

Qualifications: B.Sc, MBA [Cranfield], PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL Expert, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, P3O, MoV, PPS, PMD Pro, Certified Facilitator, Six Sigma Certified).

Work Experience: Deji is a result-driven Project Director with over 17 years of delivering value to organizations such as: Murray international Group, BskyB, Vodafone, Charteris Plc, CDA Solutions, ChevronTexaco, Gateway Bank and UACN

He is also an international coach, mentor, consultant and trainer in Change Management, who has driven the skills and expertise in PPM (Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk and Value Management) and ITSM (IT Service Management and Governance) for over 15 years.

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Who can take this PRINCE2 course?

Current Project managers and aspiring managers can take any of the PRINCE2 courses.

Are there any criteria for taking the PRINCE2 course training and exams?

The criteria for PRINCE2 course vary according to the different certifications which it offers. No criteria  for taking PRINCE2 Foundation however, you need to have passed the PRINCE2 Foundation before qualifying for the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

Who conducts the PRINCE2 course training?

PRINCE2 training is conducted by one of our certified professionals with over 14 years of both industry and classroom experience.

Does the PRINCE2 course contain only PRINCE2 Foundation?

No, the PRINCE2 course contains all the certifications PRINCE2 offers.

Is your PRINCE2 course accredited?

Yes, all our PRINCE2 courses are accredited by APMG International.

Why should i choose you for PRINCE2 course training?

We are a world-class training institute with 99% success record.  Our learning centres and study materials are sought after world over. Our trainers are qualified and make learning fun and worthwhile.

How fast can I get certified after taking the PRINCE2 course?

You can get certified within a week. The training and exam for both the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner can be done in a week.

Do I need to take any exams at the end of the PRINCE2 course?

Yes, you need to take exams after the PRINCE2 course training. Taking exams is the only way you will get PRINCE2 certified.

What does the exam for PRRINCE2 course look like?

The exam format of PRINCE2 Foundation exam is multiple choice type while, the PRINCE2 Practitioner is a scenario based examination. You can register and take our practice exam here.

Will I get PRINCE2 manual if I register for PRINCE2 course training?

Yes, if you register for any of our PRINCE2 courses, you will be given a soft copy of PRINCE2 manual but if you register for PRINCE2 exam and/or PRINCE2 exam practice questions only, you will not get the PRINCE2 manual from us.

Can I pay for your PRINCE2 course and exam online?

 Yes, you can pay for all our PRINCE2 courses online through PayPal or using credit card

How do I contact you to know more about PRINCE2 course training and exam?

We can be contacted through the enquiry form on the right sidebar.

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