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Key Features

PRINCE2 Exam  Accredited Course contents 

PRINCE2 Exam  Hundreds of quizzes provided

PRINCE2 Exam  Online Exam Registration

PRINCE2 Exam  Free 30-day eLearning access

PRINCE2 Exam  Hundreds of Practice Questions provided

PRINCE2 Exam  Up to 30 PDUs offered per course 

Online PRINCE2 Exam

You can now sit your online PRINCE2 exam through us from any part of the world. The existence of the proctor solution has made it easy for candidates who intend to sit their exams from their various locations. With the Proctor, you now have the flexibility of sitting your exam at your own convenience.

Gone are those days when you have to travel long distance just because you want to sit an exam. You can now take your PRINCE2 exams anywhere you are, provided you have access to the internet. Exams can now be schedule anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Seeing is believing!!!

Experience what makes our eLearning contents the best for you to learn as well as prepare for your exams

Our online exam courses give you access to the following:

  1. Online exam registration: When you enroll for any of the online exam courses, we will enrol you for the exam.
  2. Free 30-day eLearning access: Upon enrolling for any of the courses, you will be granted access to study using our eLearning via our online learning portal. The eLearning covers the entire syllabuses of the different courses. The eLearning contains a blend of voice-over and animations which together make your learning engaging and fun.
  3. Quizzes: The eLearning contains quizzes at the end of each section.
  4. Exam Practice questions: The eLearning contains hundreds of likely exam questions to familiarise you with the exam style and format.
  5. Course manual: You will aslo get the course manual (soft-copy) for the course you enrol for.
  6. Course completion certificate: At the completion of your eLearning course, you will get a course completion certificate from us.
  7. PDUs offered: You can use the eLearning access to claim PDUs to meet your Continuing Certification Requirements. The number of PDUs offered depends on the kind of course you enrol for. You can get up to 30 PDUs for each of the courses.

Online examAfter enrolling for your online exam, your exam will be booked with the exam institute within 48 hours. The examination institute will then contact you via email to set up a profile to sit your online exam. Once you are done creating your profile, you can log out to return when you are ready to sit your online exam.

You have up to 90 days to sit your exam after your are booked for the course.

Apart from booking your online exam within 48 hours, you will receive your log in details to access the eLearning contents for 30 days on our online learning portal within 48 hours. Do not forget, the eLearning contains voice-over and animations that cover the entire syllabuses, as well as quizzes and exam practice questions.

With adequate preparation, passing any exam is easy. We want to be a part of your success story. That is why we grant you free access to our eLearning when you enrol for any online exam with us.

The eLearning covers the syllabus areas as well as quizzes and practice questions to help you familiarize yourself with the exams.

Upon enrolling for any of our online exam courses, you will be booked for the exam.

You will receive a mail from the examination institute (APMG), which provides you with a link which you can follow to create your account and set your preferences.

Once your account is created, you can log out to return anytime to take your exam anytime within 90 days of enrolment.

  • Ensure that you test the device’s compatibility at: This site helps run a check on your system and let you know if you can sit the online exam using the device.
  • Ensure you have access to fast-speed and reliable internet connection. Make sure your connection is not intermittent as this may disrupt the exam
  • You must have a valid ID or Photo ID for identity verification
    If you are using a webcam that is built with the computer, ensure you have a mirror so as to allow the proctor to inspect the computer monitor edges and keyboard
  • Ensure that you turn off all phones
  • Ensure the your room is well-lit up
  • When you are ready to sit your PRINCE2 Foundation Exam, return to and log in. After this, a message appears “connect to your Proctor Now”.
    Click on the button and you will automatically be taken you to the proctoring room. Next, click the button under Step 1 – “Click to Download”. You will be prompted to download and run a file. The programme will allow ProctorU to be able to view your screen and the running programmes during the course of your exam. Once closed at the end of the online exam, the programme expires.
  • The proctor will be there to help you through the testing process, and during the exam. In case of any technical challenge or lost connectivity, please contact ProtorU immediately on +1 855-772-8678.
  • Your time for the exam begins once the proctor enters you into the exam. 

To avoid unnecessary challenge while sitting your online exam, you are required to meet the following requirements:

  • A computer running Windows XP (or higher) or Mac OS X 10 (or higher)
  • A web cam with 640×480 video pixel resolution or higher
  • Working speakers connected to the computer (it can be in-built)
  • A microphone connected to the computer. A web cam that has a built-in microphone is recommended
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash Player 10 is recommended
  • Fast-speed internet connection
  • Ability to share your screen using the proctor programme during the exam.

Do I need an additional training to pass my exam?

No additional training is required for you to pass your exam. Upon enrolling for any of the online exam courses, you will be granted a free 30 day eLearning access.

The eLearning for each of the courses covers the entire syllabus for the course. Also, the eLearning contains hundreds of quizzes and questions to help prepare for your exam.

Do I need a special device to sit the online exam?

No, All that is required to sit your exam is a computer, webcam and microphone (webcam and microphone can be in-built).

How long does it take to get my result?

At the completion of your exam, you will get a provisional result. Getting the certified result takes up to 10 days.

What kind of certificate will I Get after passing my exam?

You will get a soft-copy certificate from the exam institute, upon passing your online exam.

How do I enrol for any of the courses?

To enrol for any of the courses:

click on available courses on the side bar of this page > select the exam you are interested in sitting > then make payment.

How do I make payment?

You can make payment using your debit or credit card as well as PayPal.

After enroling for an exam, how soon can I sit my exam?

Upon enrolling for your exam, we will book you for your exam within 48 hours. You can then sit your exam anytime within 90 days of booking your exam.

How long does it take to get eLearning access after enrolling for an exam?

You will be granted access(log in details) to the eLearning contents within 48 hours of enrolling for your exam.

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