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PRINCE2 Training

PRINCE2 Corporate Training in the UK

Corporate training is the life blood of 21st century organizations. Deficiencies of any form threaten the growth and survival and ultimately lead to the folding up of organizations. Corporate training is not an option but a necessity for all organizations.

One of the corporate training organizations should subscribe to is PRINCE2. It has however been proven since inception to be a must for organization of any shape or size.

At Harrybaker training and consulting UK, we offer PRINCE2 training in three different forms just to suit the need of any form.

Corporate eLearning Licence

We have carefully created several hours of eLearning contents that explicitly teach PRINCE2 to your staff. Our eLearning is tailored with your staff in mind to enable them have a great corporate training experience.

Our eLearning is developed according to the official syllabuses of each course. We also provided enough quizzes and exam practice question to help candidates prepare effectively for the certification examination.

We advise you get our corporate eLearning licence as it is designed to be user friendly with quality voice-over and animation that will aid quick understanding.  Organizations have testified to the richness of our eLearning portal and you should not be left out.

We are dedicated to ensuring your staff is PRINCE2 certified. As a result we have our corporate eLearning Licence on our portal and your organisation can have full access to it for at least a year with just a little fee.

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Corporate Custom eLearning

We are dedicated to ensuring that all forms of organizations regardless of industrial sectors can utilise our corporate training resources.  With our years of experience, we also help customize the PRINCE2 eLearning content to suit your organizational needs. In other words, our corporate custom eLearning is adaptable to the size and shape of your organization.

Our prowess in identifying needs and customizing eLearning contents according to those needs has consequently made us one of the global leaders in offering qualitative corporate training.  We have done this for countless organizations and your organization can benefit from this too.

The first step to customizing for your organization is to hear you. We listen to your needs, evaluate it and then come up with a remarkable way to meet them through our corporate custom eLearning

After a thorough process, we will then discuss the deployment process.

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Corporate classroom learning

We also offer corporate classroom learning to our clients. Organisations that prefer a classroom experience for its staff, can subscribe to this offer.  Our facilitator and training centre is top notch with great testimonials from those who have passed through them. At Harrybaker training and consulting UK, we ensure that all organizations that subscribes to any of our corporate training offers have the result of their time, money and energy.

We work directly with head of organizations to ensure a great classroom experience for their staff. Our classroom is in a very conducive area that supports fast learning and assimilation.

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